Off and Running. . . Sort of

Hello folks,

I’m going to give this a shot again. I started off doing something like this years ago in college when I was an Opinions Columnist for the Western Courier. Being a good mix of Swede and Irish, I never lacked for something to say.

Since then, life has bounced around a bit. Divoce, remarriage, kids, graduation, publication, and publishing. It’s been an interesting ride to this point. Some of the things I was passionate about twenty years ago have fallen away, new things have come to the fore.

One thing that has remained constant in twenty years is the writing. I worked as a reporter while trying to break in as a novelist. While I enjoyed reporting, and it had a major effect on my style of fiction, there are only so many times you can cover school board meetings without going a little nuts.

That said, I started gaining success with my story telling about six years ago. A couple of books were published, and I thought I finally had the ammo I needed to break in as a novelist. Problem was, it was just at the time the publishing industry started to flounder. Like everything else, it started small, but spread like an oil slick.

This downward spiral is one of the things that led to the founding of Dark Continents Publishing. We started as a writer’s cooperative to control our destinies in the publishing industry. We officially opened our doors in Aug. 2010, launched our line of 13 books at the World Horror Convention in April 2011, and have grown to include 15 books, and 17 authors who believe in our new way of building up the publishing industry.

Stick around and follow my twisted little mind if you like. This is more of a personal blog, and won’t deal with writing and publishing all the time. Like a lot of other writers, I do have a family, wife and kids. (Some writers I will always believe are pod people, but that’s another subject). I’m sure things will crop up that won’t intrest everyone, but we’ll work together to figure out as many things as we can as we go along.

Hope to see you tagging along for the crazy ride.